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Auction Sale is open to the public and backed by franchised dealers including Chrysler, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Dodge, Nissan, Toyota, and others. 


Auction Pass Benefits: 


1.  Priority Access: You will get exclusive look and demo of inventory with auction prices on the day you arrive. 


2. Preferred Financing: Bad Credit Okay! You will have access to a loan specialist on site for the event. Get Pre-Approved Fast! Visit  Guaranteed Financing!!!


No Hassle Buying Process:  You don't deal with any salesman you only talk to the auction event managers. 


4. FREE Gifts: No Gimmicks we are really giving away a vehicle worth $25,000.00, $2,500.00, $1,000.00, $500 gift card from Walmart,  Smartwatch, 4k TV, and you get a chance in the money machine to grab as much cash as you can for 30 seconds. All prizes guaranteed by Texas Prize Authority

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We have special permission to liquidate the used car inventory fast. Several cars, trucks, vans,  and SUVs will be marked below The True Auction Price.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below are the rules for the Give-A-Ways and more information on how the Auction Sales Event Works.  

Do I have to buy anything to have a chance at winning the car and/or other prizes? 

  • No purchase necessary to enter or win. If you purchase a vehicle this does not increase your chances of winning the car and/or other prizes.  If you want a chance at winning the car fill out the form above click "Secure Auction Pass & Enter to Win!" button. This will automatically secure your name for the drawing. We will draw one name from the bucket and announce the winner. You must be present to win any prize. If we are giving away a car the dealership will handle all final paperwork. You are responsible for your own taxes.

  • Value of all prizes $36,877.15 includes the car, cowboys tickets and, big screen TV.  Limit one (1) Entry per person via the form above. You may only enter for the state in which you are currently a resident. More


Do I have to fill out the form to participate in the Auction Sales Event? 

  • No! But many are and if you want the cream of the crop pick of trade-ins, manager demos, rental returns and the marked down auction price vehicles we suggest to sign up now!  


How does The True Auction Pass help me? 

  • We have dealers that send us their "turn" list...  (Vehicles that must be sold ASAP) We all heard the line "They ALL must Go... NOW!!!  but in this case, it's true. TRUEinvoice has special access to the dealer's inventory and agreements in place that state we are allowed to share with you the True Auction Invoice on all vehicles that are over 20 days old.


Why does a dealer use TRUEinvoice Auction Pass?

  • We have several thousand consumers visit daily. We have built a great relationship over the years with consumers and they trust will be fifteen years old in December 2019. 


Will the dealer honor the price I get from TRUEinvoice Auction? 

  • Yes, the dealer is working under strict TRUEinvoice Auction Price guidelines. When you receive a True Auction Price from us we guarantee the dealer will 100% honor it.  This will be the true invoice on the pre-owned vehicle. Example: Auction cost + Auction Fees + Transportation and Recondition Fees. 


How long is the True Auction Price good for? 

  • The dealer will honor the price up to 96 hours after you receive it from us. Remember, these are the vehicles that the dealer must sell NOW!!! The car you see today someone else looked at yesterday and may be gone tomorrow. The TRUEinvoice Auction Pass is for consumers in the market to buy a vehicle NOW!!! without any hassles, gimmicks or guessing.


How do I know I am getting a really good deal?

  • When the True Auction Manager gives you the TRUEinvoice Auction Price they will also give you the Kelly Blue Book Values as well.


What if I have a Trade-in?

  • We will help you get the most for your trade-in. Check out True Trade Value and see how we guarantee TOP dollar for your trade.


What happens at the dealership?

  • A TRUEinvoice Authorized Dealer Manager will meet you. You don't deal with the salesman. The vehicles that are in the TRUEinvoice Auction Network are clearly marked on the windshields. The manager will give you the TRUE Auction Price on that vehicle. This "True Auction Price" will be the same price they would get at the auction if they had to send the vehicle that day. 


The TRUEinvoice on a used vehicle would be what the dealer paid for it at auction +/- auction, transportation or reconditioning fees. These are cost you would have to pay yourself if you physically went to the auction. Auction fees are generally $250.00, transport fees $300.00 (depending on market) and recondition fees vary. Typically all used car departments have safety checks. If a car needs tires, windshield, etc. they fix it as soon as the unit comes in. A used car department in a franchised dealership may spend $500.00 up to $2,000.00 to make the car like new again. After the car passes inspection and gets a full detail they put it on the lot this is called "Frontline Ready". Here it sits and waits for you to sit in and drive home.



The longer that unit sits on the lot the more it will cost the dealer. Besides all the fees above, there are the bank fees. 90% of all dealerships have a floor plan.  The dealer pays interest to the bank on the vehicle and usually has a deal worked out with the bank that allows the dealer to keep the car for 60 - 90 days, paying interest only.



What happens if a dealer goes over the specified time allotted by the bank? Then the dealer has to pay the car completely off. In other words, the bank holds the title and if the dealer goes beyond the agreement he must pay the bank what the loan value is plus interest and more fees. 


NOTE: True Auction Price is based on 2019 NADA Book Values